We are a fun-loving, energetic husband and wife photography duo. We have run our full service independent photography studio for more than 15 years. There is nothing better than photographing couples in love with your best friend and partner in crime.



We believe in love and we believe in marriage. We believe photography is the single most important part of your wedding day after your vows. When the champagne is gone and the cake is eaten the only thing you will have are your photos. We accept the pressure of this opportunity joyfully and have perfected our craft to capture your big day stylishly no matter what happens.  Anyone can take a nice photo on a sunny day in April but can they take one in a dark reception hall or a rainy day?  Murphy’s Law says something will go wrong at your wedding but we have seen it all and whatever happens there will be amazing photos. We have done this hundreds of times and realize there are no naturals, only practiced and unpracticed. That's why we have an array of style guides, resources and tips to hold your hand through the process.  We believe everyone is photogenic if they are given the right tools.

What to Expect

Don’t let our fun good natured exterior fool you we take our jobs very seriously. From the time you book with us you are our top priority. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with fun, unique and creative photography, quick responses to all communication and fast turnaround times. Your experience with us will be fun and stress-free because we’ve designed it that way!